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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

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Bryan & Candy New York Cocoa Shea Bath Tub Kit

Moisturize your skin with the goodness of Shea butter and get all the skin benefits of cocoa to soften your skin and boost your mood, with Cocoa Shea Tub Kit indulge into a Spa experience at Home . Best beauty care product to rejuvenate your skin by being in your home at a very affordable price range.

One of the best product to gift to you and your loved ones at a very is decent price and a good quantity of product is very hard to find . So why think

Just Add It To Your Cart And Have A Spa Experience By Being In Your Home.

With an overall 5.0 out of 5.0 star ratings and a very attractive and impressive reviews is a must buy product .

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Product Description :-

300ml Bath & Shower Gel. Empower your body and skin with the finest shower essentials, every morning.

125ml Moisturizing hand and body lotion that will alleviate the effects of unkind weather and bring out a bright and sparkling you

100gm Body polish that natural exfoliating bead are smooth and gives balanced exfoliation without being harsh to the skin.

100gm Sugar body scrub that gives your skin gentle exfoliation, evens out skin tone and helps it become brighter and lighter

Get This Product Only On:- (100% Genuine)

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